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If you just want to relax on the water, here are the ways to go!
Rafts, multi-person lounges, towable lounges…take a look!

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Airport Classic Raft from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01814)Airport Classic Raft from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01814)A longtime favorite - 56 square feet of raft!
Bravo Lounge & Towable from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01835)Bravo Lounge & Towable from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01835)A giant lounge tube AND a towable!
Fiesta Soaker & Lounge from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01824)Fiesta Soaker & Lounge from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01824)Soak! Relax! Lounge around!
Inversible Lounge Soaker & Platform from Aquaglide Platinum (SKU: 10-01845)Inversible Lounge Soaker & Platform from Aquaglide Platinum (SKU: 10-01845)A giant soaker for up to 8 people!
Malibu Aquapark from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01887)Malibu Aquapark from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01887)You’re having a bunch of fun now!
Malibu Lounge from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01888)Malibu Lounge from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-01888)Comfort on the high seas!
Sundeck from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-02004)Sundeck from Aquaglide (SKU: 10-02004)What a great swim platform and lounge!  New for 2016!
You get the most fun on water and Free Shipping!!  to all Canadian provinces! 


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