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Many of the questions we're asked turn out to be the same questions. Please see if you can find your answer here but if not, feel free to email us at service@DirectInflatables.ca



What's the difference between a water trampoline and a water bouncer?
A water trampoline has a jump surface supported by a steel frame and trampoline springs. A water bouncer has a jump surface supported by springless interlocking webbing connected from the flotation tube to the jump surface. A water trampoline can support heavier loads on the jump surface and will provide a higher jump than a water bouncer.

Water trampolines are recommended for commercial operations. Unlike water bouncers, water trampolines require assembly of the framed jump surface, which typically takes an extra 30 minutes of setup time. A water bouncer is a great family recreational product, and it costs less than a water trampoline. It will support a good amount of weight and will provide a short bounce. A water bouncer does not require any assembly other than inflating and anchoring. 

Can I blow up the inflatables from a car or boat battery?
Yes you can. Car or boat batteries typically put out 12 volts. Our Aquaglide 12-volt Turbopumps have clips that will go right onto the battery clamps and the fittings you need to fit your inflatables' valves. And they provide the pressure required to fill your inflatables properly. Click here to see this Turbopump.

If you need to plug into the wall, our 110-volt Turbopump is the answer. Click here.

What about shipping?
Shipping is free within the Canadian provinces. Please click here to go to our shipping page.


Can I get it faster than regular ground?
Yes you can, for an additional charge.  Email us at sales@DirectInflatables.ca or call us at 1-800-651-0012, tell us where you are and what you want, and we can tell you what the faster service will cost you.  Bear in mind that if it has to go on a plane instead of a truck, the cost takes a big jump.


Can you ship to me outside Canada?
We ask our US and international customers to use our US website DirectInflatables.com.  That is your USD pricing and your purchases will ship from the USA.  We can ship anything from the Aquaglide and Aqua Sports Island Hopper product lines outside the US. 

Send us an email at sales@DirectInflatables.com.  Tell us what product you’re interested in.  Tell us your shipping address, including postal code.  We’ll get a price and email you back.  We'll deduct the amount we would normally expect to spend on our 'Free Shipping in the USA' offer, so that will help with your cost.


What’s the best way to take care of this stuff?

There are two main bits of advice which will help your watersports inflatables live a longer life:  the first is never fold them up and put them away wet.  Let them dry completely.  If you trap moisture inside a folded-up item for months at a time, it can cause mold or mildew which will undermine the fabric.

The second advice has to do with protectant.  The longer your tube, raft or boat spends in the sun, the more chance there is for UV to work on it.  Using a good UV protectant like 303 really helps.  Here’s a link to a vendor:  ">http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=1909

There’s other advice, like don’t try to make it do things it’s not designed to do, but we’re hoping these are more obvious.


What's this about a contest?
From time to time we hold contest giveaways of ski tubes. We'll announce it on our home page when there's a contest running. Anyone on our email list who hasn't won before is eligible. Leave us your email address, at the top left of the page, to be automatically entered in the next contest.


What's your privacy policy?
We take your privacy very seriously at DirectInflatables.ca. The most common concern people have is the security of credit card information. Rest assured that we maintain the highest levels of security for personal and credit card information and we are fully PCI compliant, the industry standard. Card information is not passed to any other entity beyond our charge authorizing company.  None of your personal information, whether gathered on our mailing list or though purchases, is passed to anybody else.  Please click here to see our entire Privacy Policy.


What's your return policy?
Please click here to go to our return policy page.

You get the most fun on water and Free Shipping!!  to all Canadian provinces! 


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