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Freefall Supreme Slide from Aquaglide

Freefall Supreme Slide from Aquaglide

Freefall Supreme Slide from Aquaglide
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The Aquaglide Platinum Range
Born out of pure fun, the Platinum™ line was developed for discerning resort, camp and residential customers who demand the very best.

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of the line. While each item can be used individually, the system is modular, so nearly every item can be interconnected. This is key to the success of the Platinum line, as it allows virtually unlimited expansion and customization.

Offering quality products that can be connected in various ways allows customers to build their aquaparks incrementally. Features can be periodically rotated and reconfigured. This wide range of products and options ultimately means value, whether your application is residential or commercial.

The Freefall Supreme is shown here with and without various other products from the Platinum line. Click on the link to the Platinum Page below to see some Aquapark possibilities

Freefall™ Series slides pack maximum fun and excitement into the package. Suitable for waterfront use, the Freefall Supreme sets a new standard for aquapark adventure. Joining its siblings at the top of the Platinum range, this giant slide and playstation is ready to take the stage!

The Freefall Supreme features an awe-inspiring climbing ladder, leading to a heart-pounding zero-entry slide. The mesh safety guard provides ample shade while still allowing good visibility for lifeguards.

The interior space includes a large splash zone plus a cozy loft space for playing and resting.

Add Platinum waterpark accessories on three sides using the Interloc system.

The Freefall Supreme accommodates up to twelve users at once.

Specs: L 25'7" x W 12'5" x H 16'7" (L 7,80 m x W 3,80 m x H 5,05 m)

Recommended minimum depth is 11 feet.

Freefall Supreme Features
Commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material.
Ideally suited for watersports, Duratex™ material is the finest, commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available. Each Aquaglide Platinum item uses Duratex™ material for maximum strength and durability.

UV Block™
Materials specially treated for high resistance to the sun's damaging rays. UV damage is typically the biggest culprit in shortening the life of commercial watersports products. Consequently, each Aquaglide Platinum item is treated with UV Block™, the highest grade 3-year UV coating available. While we recommend periodic maintenance with additional UV coatings, there is no substitute for having UV Block™ incorporated into the material right from the start. UV Block™, for years of trouble-free use.

HA Weld™
Hot air-welded seams for high quality and outstanding durability. ‘HA’ or Hot Air Welding is the process used to fuse Duratex™ material seams for years of trouble-free use. HA welding produces clean, strong seams with no unsightly glue marks or splits.

Heavy duty stainless fittings and convenient Interloc straps for modular use. Aquaglide Platinum items connect to one another using the Interloc™ system. Soft webbing offers some flexibility, while remaining tough enough for years of service. Only Interloc™ blends the convenience of a cinch with the security of a locking connection.

UP Grip™
Incorporates convenient climbing handles.
Convenient climbing handles allow for boarding and/or climbing while staying out of the way for other activities.

3 Year Warranty
3 Year Limited Warranty against any and all manufacturing defects in recreational use, 1 year in commercial use.

Platinum Functional Features:
Incorporates a sliding feature.

Incorporates a climbing feature.

Incorporates a soaking feature.

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