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While we want you to have the most fun on water with our watersports inflatables, please bear in mind basic safety considerations:
  • These products are to be used for recreational purposes only. Use of these products involves inherent risk of personal injury. Ski tubes and other towables do not have any braking or steering devices. Persons using these products assume all risk of injury.

  • Use common sense. Do not allow horseplay.

  • Always secure these products from unauthorized or unsupervised use. Removing products from the water and deflating them is the best way to avoid unsupervised or unauthorized use. Do not leave products inflated year round.

  • Do not tow products at excessive speeds.

  • Do not tow products near the shore or near obstacles such as docks, bulkheads, trees, pilings, other boats, swimmers or in restricted areas.

  • Always check your equipment for problems before use.

  • Always have an adult observer in the tow boat.

  • Tow line must be 40 to 75 feet in length.

  • User must let go of handles when falling. Do not drag from a towable, particularly a water sled, when it is moving.

  • Do not load more riders onto a product than it is designed for.

  • Riders must face forward.

  • Always wear a CSA approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

  • Children should be under adult supervision at all times.

  • Do not use towable products in swimming pools.
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